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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nostalgia Path: What I got for Christmas + a healthy snack recipe!

Apparently it's going to be a quiet evening at my apartment tonight. . . . Everybody - and I mean everybody, even the cats - have fallen asleep. . . . before 7 PM. I guess not everyone has such endless energy such as myself, hehe.

It's time for another walk down memory lane and I found it appropriate giving the Christmas month, that I should reminisce about the presents that I got for Christmas when I was a child. It's so easy to find Christmas presents for kids, all they want are toys, toys, TOYS! If you give them something that is NOT a toy, be prepared for some major hissy fits and loud nagging (even crying!). Although it might be easy, it's also pretty scary too!

1. Playmobil
When I was a kid, regardless of age, I LOVED playing with Playmobil or "Playmó" like we used to call it. However, I preferred the ones which had a lot of small crap included. You know, the little baby playmobil, the animals, the miniture toys. And I also liked playing with the kid figures more than the adult ones. I think it was probably because I wanted those kid figures to have more adventures than the adult ones XD
Oh, if a playmobil package came with a little yellow teddy bear, I would be BEAMING WITH HAPPINESS!! That little guy was my angel, my gem, my treasure! I used to hold it in my right hand ALL THE FUCKING TIME!! My mom told me that I had started to write and draw with my left hand because I was always holding on to that yellow teddy bear. Now I wonder where I left him. . . .

2. Lego Belville

I have to admit, I wasn't that much into the original Legos when I was a kid. I mean, sure, I loved playing with the types for babies (building stuff was AWESOME!!) but when I got Belville for Christmas one time, I knew there would be no turning back. I loved playing with them but not as much as, say, organizing them neatly? Yeah, I was a neat-freak back in the days (I'm still a bit of neat-freak but not as hardcore as I used to be!) Yo
u see, nothing made me more giddy with excitement than when I had organized the figures in either normal or weird positions and they just had to stay like that until I wanted to play with them again.

3. Dennis the Menace the movie

I got the movie on VHS from Santa Claus (Kertasníkir in the Icelandic tradition) and I was so excited that I watched it immediately. And I repeatedly watched it until Dennis' techniques, habits, the clothes he wore were engraved into my mind. For it was this movie that turned me into a slight prankster when I was a kid. I even got my dad to make me a slingshot out of PIPES! And it didn't hurt that my maternal grandpa looks A LOT like Walter Matthau did in that movie (minus the moustache).

4. The pink Barbie Car. . .

. . . . . . Yes, I got that car from my aunt. Which was funny because I didn't own any Barbies! I think she assumed that I was really girly like her own daughter (who owned sooooo many Barbie dolls!). If I ever got caught playing with a Barbie - which just happened when I visited my niece - the only thing I would do is just change their clothes. That was it. It's not like they could move their limbs easily! And they couldn't even stand without falling down (seriously, what is up with that?! Even with those heels on their tippy-toe feet, they STILL wouldn't stand upright!). So yeah, I didn't play with that car much, he just collected dust on top of my closet for a long time.

I would list more but those are things that I remember the strongest when it comes to toys that I got. I wish I could ask for some cool toys for this Christmas without getting weird looks. But hey, I guess I have grown up a little up since the things that I want this year are stuff like books, art supplies, clothes and board games. I guess you can call board games toys for adults :P

Alrighty, time for a recipe! This is a pretty healthy snack, which is good since we Icelanders are nr.2 obese people in the world (it doesn't make any sense, we have the most beautiful women AND the most fat people?!). Anyways, like I said, it's healthy and you don't need an oven for it! All you need is a food processor or a blender. You can view the original recipe in English HERE while I will post the recipe in Icelandic.

Hafra-rúsínur kúlur

1/2 bolli af rúsínum (80gr.)
6 matskeiðar af haframjöli (30gr.)
1/2 bolli af valhnetum (40gr.)
1/8 teskeið + 1/16 tsk af salti
1/4 teskeið af vanilludropum

Persónulega mæli ég með að setja 2-3 tsk af agave-sýrópi svo það verði nógu klístrugt til að móta.

Malið haframjölið í matvinnsluvélinni þangað til að það verður mjög fínt, í c.a. 30 sek.
Bætið síðan hinum hráefnunum og blandið mjög vel.
Mótið í litla bolta eða í stöng. Það er mjög gott að frysta þetta. En þetta helst inn í ísskáp í allt að 2 vikur.

Þið getið bætt hverju sem er í kúlurnar, ég hef sjálf sett hveitikím og þurrkuð goji-ber ásamt 1 tsk af kanil og þetta bragðast æðislega!

Einfalt, hollt & gott ;)

Question of the day:

~Do you remember what you got for Christmas when you were a kid?


  1. you always remember your favorite present as a kid. Mine was a pink barbie house with a barbie horse that could walk on its own. Just gave it away the other day to make some other little girl go crazy like i did :P love and hugs from Dísa :)

  2. If it said LEGO on the box, I HAD to have it! But only if it was something you see every day: Cars, trains, buses, airplanes, etc.

    I also had an RC truck that I loved, quite literally, to bits. :(