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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My opinion on the Westboro Baptist Church

I just finished watching Louis Theroux's documenturies about the Westboro Baptist Church. I really had to take a moment before writing, so that I wouldn't turn this post into a complete rage post....

Soooo many emotions were churning inside as I was watching it: Anger, confusion, sadness and pity. I felt really sorry for Louis Theroux as he was only trying to gain an understanding about this weird family gathering and they kept condemning him, even putting his face on one of their posters!

Why does this family have to live with such hate? Why can't they see that their children will never have friends outside of that gathering, will never get to see the world with an open mind? Their kids can't even speak their mind, in fear of getting thrown out!

It saddens me that they even would throw away anyone who actually wants to belong to the outside world and they never want to hear from them again. Like that one girl said: "Some kids lose their parents because of cancer, or accidents. I lost mine because of a cult".

Whatever happened to "Treat others as you would treat yourself"?

According to the documentaries, they seem to show care and respect between themselves, so why can't they just live among us and keep these notions and feelings to themselves? Why go all the way to another state, just to scream at a mourning mother that her son was a "filthy faggot"?

In my honest opinion, I really pity them for their shallow minds and a big part of me feels like they really enjoy being in the spotlight. (Haters gonna hate! is what came into mind just now....).

That's all for today.

Question of the day:

~What do you feel about those kind of people?
~ Do you just ignore them or according to your own beliefs, do you feel like you have to say something?

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  1. Great post. I haven't seen this documentary, but I'll check it out in order to see for myself (not that I haven't heard a LOT about Baptist).

    Personally, I try to ignore the drivel they churn out, but everyone has a breaking point. Mine is when they start critizising me, my friends or family or just some poor person that really doesn't deserve hatred like this.

    As long as they keep their "special" opinions to themselves, I don't have a problem.